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Real-Time Fine-Tuning of the WAF via API

This article was originally published on Sucuri blog (read here). Though the Sucuri Firewall is simple to set up and protects your website immediately, it’s possible to have granular control of the WAF by using an API. For instance, there’s a specific filter inside the WAF dashboard called Emergency DDoS.

How to Improve Website Resilience for DDoS Attacks – Part I

This article was originally published on Sucuri blog (read here). Denial of Service (Dos) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are unforgiving. They test the limits of your web server and application resources by sending spikes of fake traffic to your website. It is also notoriously difficult to…

WordCamp SĂŁo Paulo 2017

On the 2nd December, I will be hosting a talk named "Website Optimization for Performance & Resilience Gain" at Impacta Barra Funda in Sao Paulo, addressing principles, techniques and tools to optimize and develop websites that are fast, robust and lightweight, ready to receive large volumes of access…