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Remove Addon/Parked Domain Manually on cPanel

Recently I had a problem with a customer trying to remove a addon domain on cPanel. Every time he tries to remove, he got different error messages, like “subdomain ‘shop.example.com’ does not exist for user ‘client’". Since cPanel couldn’t do it by itself, I went…

Fix Apache NAT Problem on cPanel

Since the update 11.58, I noticed that cPanel NAT solution wasn’t working with Apache on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Engine.

Apache was using the public IP on the VirtualHost instead of the instance local IP address and that does not work on providers that performs NAT outside the VM scope.

WordPress on GitHub Pages with HTTrack

This is an old article, currently I'm using Publii (read here)!

Static websites are faster than WordPress installations. However, I am tech enthusiast and I love a challenge. I'm well aware of Jekyll's existence, but I love WordPress.

Since my blog doesn't have any dynamic content besides the comments, I decided to go for it.

There are plenty reasons why you shouldn't do that, here’s a few:

1. Very difficult to scale;
2. Difficult to edit;
3. Just for static content.